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AirBNB is a great option for groups, or anyone who prefers to stay in amore homey atmosphere. Especially good for people staying more than the weekend, or who want access to a kitchen to cook their own food! We've stayed at AirBnB's in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, California and more, and always been happy with the experience!

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HotelTonight is a mobile-only application that allows you to book last-minute, unsold hotel rooms at a fraction of the cost. We've personally used HotelTonight in Washington, DC, Melbourne, Philadelphia and more, and always been satisfied by the quality of the hotels and the discounted prices. Some cities are only available up to one week in advance, some cities are available two to three weeks in advance, but it's a great choice for people willing to take a chance on quality (or even luxurious) accommodation at a steeply discounted rate.

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Other Accomodation

Visit the South Australia Tourism website to see other accomodation options ranging from hostels to luxury resorts!