i made some stuff out of dirt

Photography will always be my first love. Photography was the first medium I ever tried in which I understood exactly how to get the image in my head to appear on the paper. Photography taught me the only chemistry I remember from high school, the only advanced math I use on a daily basis, and the only control I could exercise in my own life as a young adult.

But sometimes, it just feels good to make stuff out of dirt.

(Obviously, yes, clay bodies and glaze compounds are far more intricate and exact than just "dirt". But like, it's basically dirt.)

Especially because my photographic practice lately has shifted to a digital workflow, photography isn't as tactile for me as it is when it's darkroom-based. Of course I still love it, and all the different intricacies that come with a digital practice. But today, I got to pull these babies off the "finished" shelf, and it felt really good. They're too thick, the glazes overlap too much some places and not enough others, the handles are awkward sizes and so are the mugs- but it felt good. So, sorry, everyone I know, but you're all getting a mug or a bowl or a sad ashtray for Christmas, and I don't even care if you like it or not.